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Learn how to get up and running with OWASP Four Clover (OFC) through tutorials and platform resources.

Important: Please keep in mind that Four Clover is still under active development and full backward compatibility is not guaranteed before reaching v1.0.0. Four Clover is not recommended for production critical applications yet, unless you are fine with reading the changelog and applying some manual migration steps from time to time.


OWASP Four Clover (OFC) is a versatile file integrity monitoring tool designed to bolster cybersecurity by ensuring the integrity of files, configurations, and critical data. By monitoring and detecting unauthorized changes, the tool provides a crucial layer of defense against malware, intrusions, and security breaches. Whether you’re safeguarding system files, tracking configuration modifications, or enforcing security policies, OFC simplifies the process with user-friendly commands and insightful reports.

File integrity monitoring (FIM) plays a pivotal role in cybersecurity, serving as a critical defense mechanism against unauthorized changes and ensuring the integrity of digital assets. In a rapidly evolving threat landscape, FIM offers several key benefits that are essential for maintaining a secure and trustworthy computing environment.

β€” Trust.

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We've put together some helpful guides for you to get setup with our product quickly and easily.

Performing Scans on Directories and FilesInitiating a ComparisonPerforming Scans Based on Policies

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